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Thread: Rocker Switch Panel 2007 2660CC

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    Rocker Switch Panel 2007 2660CC

    I have purchased a replacement rocker switch panel from Sailfish. I have read most of the posts dealing with wiring problems of one type or another associated with these panels from the manufacturer. After switching the Baitwell and Feshwater switch covers all pumps work with the proper switch. My problem is now with the NAV/ANC and Deck/Spreader LTS.

    In NAV position my anchor light does not come on and my red/green bow light is lit. In the ANC position my anchor light does not come on but the red/green bow light does. Sailfish suggested I reverse the connections on the switch to fix this problem, which did nothing but reverse the position of the switch to get the same result. The membrane switch operates with one push is NAV/ANC, the next push is ANC and the third push is off.

    In the Deck position my deck lights come on. In the Spreader position the Spreader lights come on for about 5 seconds then begin to pulsate, never completely going off and never getting very bright. Sailfish had no idea what was going on with this. The membrane switch operates with one push is Deck, the next push is both Deck and Spreader, the third push is Spreader and the fourth push is off.

    My knowledge of wiring is pretty basic. My guess is that the multifunction ability of the membrane switch is not properly wired on the rocker switch but I have no idea how to go about making it right, or if that is truly the problem. I got the rocker switch panel because I thought the wash down switch went bad. I lost my horn switch several years ago and just added another switch to the console. It turns out my wash down and fresh water pumps were bad. After replacing them the membrane switch works fine. I want to use the rocker switch panel instead so any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


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    I have the same problem with mine. Did you ever get yours sorted out?

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