Hey all,
I never did figure out how to stop the ventilation. i just learned to deal with it. Being the boat is out of the water for the winter months ahead. I have been thinking about adding the wedges to the transom in the spring.
For those with the F150's, I have a few questions to help me figure out the plan of attack.
This is a 2660 WAC, twin 150's.
I have the motor on the lowest setting it can go (motors down) I was noticing at this height, it looks as if the steering cylinder would hit the transom if it comes out a little more with wedges. I currently have a power tech SCE4 prop set up and isn't the all time best but dealing with it.
Those that did the wedges, did you do it with the motors set to the lowest setting or did you come back up a hole to get the AV plate out of the water a little more? If you did, was it any better?
Also, if the motors were left as low as they can go and you added wedges, did the steering clear the transom without issue or does it need some slight modification?
Do the lower units sit in the water a little when fully trimmed up when docked?

Anything else I should note?
I was thinking of the Rev4 props but worried about the heavy and bigger diameter on the little gear case. I know some have done it and compensated the rattle with flo torq 4 hubs but Ken also said he wasn't a fan of the big prop on these motors.

Thank you again for any help.