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Thread: Prop Slip

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    Prop Slip

    I have an 07 2360 with twin 150's. She isn't a bad boat, rides nice but is wet! Anyways, Me and the boys go out high speed trolling for Whaoo as much as we can. When we are trying to get the speeds we need to HIGH speed I get the worst prop slippage I have every had on a twin engine boat. Each engine will take turns high revving and my speed is really inconsistent. I have heard people say adjust motor hight, adjust trim blah blah blah. I have done everything i can think of other than making hole adjustments to the engines. My performance is fantastic, fuel economy is good, it just sucks trying to high speed with this thing and I can not figure out how to fix it. Anyone have fixes or similar issues? Thanks guys!

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    What props?

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    ... and what mounting hole on the motors?? Rag’s
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    Wedges and four blade props...17p powertech osf4s gave me the most bite. In my 2360, I could stay on plane around 17-18 mph.

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    Yes ventilation is a real issue between 16 and 2500 RPMs. I don't high speed troll but I do sometimes need to run short periods at that speed and that's exactly what happens one engine grabs 1 revs vice versa. It can be a real pain in the ass. You're picking up some Whitewater off the hull and thats the issue.
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    I have the F115's and went with 4 blade 15's and most of the ventilation issues went away. Lost some top end but cruise is good and no more vent issues which really sucked.

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    I really pity you on this subject as I have been fighting this issue since I bought my 06 2660 WAC last spring. Tried new PTZ 3 blades, not much better. Went with PT SCE4's and dropped the motors all the way down, little better but still there. I was going to add jack plates this year but decided to deal another year with this crap as I spent thousands on other things needed to repair or replace the crap that doesn't work on the boat.
    After speaking with Sailfish directly, they didn't have a fix for me to try but agreed to my suggestion on aligning the motors. SF recommends 1/4" toe out each motor for a total of 1/2". I made him clarify toe out since there is so much debate on what is the toe and what is in and out. So here is the copy and paste of the advice from SF...
    I have had a few people look at it and nothing is jumping out at us as a cause for your issues. When we mount the 150hp motors we put each motor a inch toe out for a total of inch. This is to help fight cavitation. I would start there and see how it does.
    You want the measurement at the prop side to be inch further apart than the transom side.

    4 blade props made a nice difference, makes the boat jump onto plane, plane at low speeds, and you can feel the grip compared to the previous props. I am still not sold on the props though. Ken from propgods suggested the SCE4 and sorry I went that route. I would have preferred the full 4 blade like the OFS4 and not the semi cleaver. I told Ken he is basically just guessing what to try until something works. I'm already past the return time allowed and still costs money to swap out for other blades. By the time you find the right blade it could be thousands spent on returns by then.

    I am now starting the bottom sanding for paint. The old paint is crazy thick and built up under there. The surface from the paint was rough! Almost like barnacles rough. Hoping after it is smoothed down, it will run just a tad bit better.

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