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Thread: 2017 275DC - Year 2 and beyond

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    2017 275DC - Year 2 and beyond

    Here we are (for those of us in the North East) - the dog days of winter. It'll be cold and dark for the next two months so much time is spent tinkering around on the internet thinking about the summer to be. I have been boating all my life (on my fathers boats) but this boat is my first boat so this is my first time making all the decisions/maintenance/upgrades/improvements/etc myself. I wanted to throw this out there to some of you more experienced guys: Are there any lessons learned throughout your ownership for things that I should do/keep a close eye on in the boats early years? For example - "I wish I started ______ back when my boat was new, reconditioned the leather every year, replaced ______ yearly, use fuel stabilizer consistently, deep clean and reseal the deck ____ times per season, etc" . This goes without saying that all typical winterization and spring commissioning will be done properly but I am referring to anything else out there.
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    On my last boat which was a dark color I wish I would have kept up waxing the hull and or buying a quality cover as I ended up with an oxidation nightmare and severe fading.

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    May not seem like a big deal but the metal snaps on the canvas and on cushions and what not. They oxidize over time and it's just something you don't really think about until that one time you go to remove something and it gives you trouble. Just a little lubricant will go a long way. I think everyone has one snap that could use some love.
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